These are surgical procedures, in which extensive abdominal or vaginal incisions are avoided for different treatments, thus achieving better surgical tolerance on the part of the patient and, above all, an accelerated post-surgical recovery with less pain and discomfort, becoming mostly even ambulatory procedures.

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Our Experts include the following procedures:

Diagnostic laparoscopy, Laparoscopic treatment of ovarian tumors or cysts, Laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis, Laparoscopic treatment of uterine myomas, Laparoscopy (salpingo-oclasia) occlusion, Total hysterectomy by laparoscopy, Laparoscopic oncological surgery for genital cancer, Diagnostic hysteroscopy, Surgical hysteroscopy (resection of polyps, Myomas, Endometrial ablation, etc.)

About laparoscopy hysterectomy:

A large number of women around the age of 40-50 suffer from menstrual disorders caused by different anatomical problems of the uterus, the most common is myomatosis and uterine adenomyosis, being this the cause of the indication of surgery to remove the uterus (womb), this is why it is the second most frequently performed surgery worldwide.

Hysterectomy is traditionally performed with an abdominal approach, having to perform a wide abdominal insition in order to remove the uterus; in laparoscopy hysterectomy no large abdominal insitions are performed, only 4 small insitions, one in the navel, 1cm in diameter and another 3 sides of half a cm.

Through these instations a special chamber is inserted to look into the abdomen and all the necessary instruments to perform the removal of the uterus.
The advantage of this surgery is the rapid recovery of the patient with the consequent prompt return to their daily activities.

Visualization and revision of more anatomical structures and organs than in open surgery.

Diminute abdominal incisions.

Minimal invasion

Low trans-operative bleeding.

Little suture thread application.

The patient can then video the surgical procedure in conjunction with their physician.

What is gynecologic laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is a surgical technique that is performed through small incisions, using the assistance of a video camera that allows the medical team to see and operate in the surgical field.

What pathologies can be involved in this approach?

Today we are doing everything by laparoscopic surgery.

All patients can be treated by this route, obviously it will depend on each case, but in everything that is tubal pregnancy, female surgical sterilization, cyst removal, myomas, hysterectomies, endometrial surgery and extremely useful, in the topic of infertility, because it allows to observe in great detail the pelvis and verify that everything is fine and that there are no adhesions, inflammatory processes or other

Diagnostic hysteroscopy.

This technique is also used to study the uterus inside and is called hysteroscopy.

This is a technique that allows you to check the uterine cavity and check the endometrium.

Insently used as a diagnosis for patients who have abnormal uterine bleeding and infertility, among others. In the event of such a case, the first thing to do is an ultrasound and then a hysteroscopy to see if there are polyps, fibroids, removal or biopsies if necessary.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage is that it is a minimally invasive technique, there is no need to open the abdomen and this benefits the patient, as the 5 mm incisions of the skin and the umbilical do not produce pain.

The second great advantage is that most surgeries are called day surgeries, i.e. the patient is admitted, intervened, and discharged the same day.

This reduces patient costs by shortening hospitalization and reintegrating into family and work environments quickly and in very good condition.

By not opening the abdomen, the risk of developing adhesions is much lower. Finally the esthetics is important, the small incisions in the lower abdomen are not seen or go unnoticed, as the scar is smaller.

Myomectomy by lapaoroscopy

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that can produce abundant menstrual bleeding, infertility, or abortions.

In patients who want to have children and have myomas, it is recommended to perform myomectomy instead of removing the uterus.

The laparoscopic pathway is ideal for minimal invasion and early recovery.

Only 1 out of every 100 gynecologists in Mexico have the training and experience in this type of surgery.

At GineMed we have experts in this advanced surgical technique.


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Minimal gynecological invasion surgery

Minimal gynecological invasion surgery, surgeons use a variety of techniques to operate with less injury to the body than with open surgery. Most patients who have a minimally invasive surgery can go home the same day or remain in the hospital for a shorter period of time. Laparoscopy surgery done through one or more small incisions, using small tubes, and tiny cameras and surgical instruments was one of the first types of minimally invasive surgery.

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Colposcopy is done by a special microscope called a colposcope. Through the colposcope, the cervix can be seen at the end of the vagina very enlarged. During the test, the woman is placed face-up on a special stretcher with her legs separated. A speculum is inserted to separate the vaginal walls. The doctor looks at the cervix and stains its surface with different fluids, such as acetic acid or lugol, to highlight areas where abnormal cells may be present. These suspicious regions can be biopsied for further study or sometimes eliminated in their entirety. They are taken with tweezers or, if there are no visible lesions, the inside of the cervix is gently brushed to take a sample. Sometimes the suspicious area can be treated with different instruments (by means of heat, cold, removal of the lesion, etc.). Complications of colposcopy are extremely rare, and the risk of infection is very low. It is not a painful test, and the introduction of the speculum is usually not bothersome if the woman is relaxed. A slight stinging may be felt when the doctor stains the neck with acetic acid or lugol to highlight abnormal areas. In addition, you may notice some slight pinching or cramping in the pelvic region if biopsies are taken or treatment is done on your neck.

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